Accidents at Work

Employers have very strict duties placed upon them to ensure their workforce are safe at work. At Acclaim we believe that everyone has a right to compensation if they are injured at work through no fault of their own. We take Health and Safety very seriously and if an employer has cut corners causing a preventable injury then we are here to ensure you recover all the compensation you deserve. We have experts in all the following accident types ready to take your call and give you the best advice.

Manual Handling – injury caused by lifting excessive weights or where your employer has not assessed the risk of injury from repetitive tasks and not reduced that risk to the minimum.

Unguarded machinery – safety devices on machines are there for a purpose, to protect employees from injury, but they are often removed or not enforced causing catastrophic injuries including amputations

Falling from height – employers have an obligation to avoid the risk of injury from falls by minimising the requirement to work from height but where this is necessary to provide the best equipment and safety wear. Often inappropriate equipment or work methods cause serious injury that could so easily have been avoided.

Failure to provide PPE – Personal Protective Equipment can be expensive and is often uncomfortable to wear but all employers have a duty to provide safety wear and enforce compliance. If they do not and an injury happens this gives rise to a legal action for compensation.

Repetitive injuries – some manufacturing processes by their nature are repetitive and this is recognised by medics to lead to preventable injury to tendons, muscles and joints. These conditions can often seriously affect victim’s ability to work into the future and are cases that need our expert help.

Slips and falls– all employers have a duty to have safe premises free from tripping hazards. Obstructed pathways and spilt liquids can so easily be prevented but often cause significant damage.

Industrial disease – From asbestos related conditions through to noise induced hearing loss we have the expertise and the experience to handle all conditions. We have a vast library of case where products, liquids and processes have caused legally recognised work injuries including dermatitis. Ask for our advice on any work related condition, we may have already dealt with a very similar case to yours.

Road Traffic Accidents

Most motorist will not have an accident on the road for their entire motoring life but when this does happen it is traumatic. At Acclaim we understand how worried and vulnerable you will feel about starting a claim against an insurance company. We are here to level the playing field and to protect your interests at all stages. Our philosophy is to make sure our clients are not left to be bullied by insurers but recover the full and maximum amount they are entitled to following and accident caused by another road user. We will look after every aspect of your claim leaving you free to get on with your recovery whilst we deal with everything including –

Recovery and storage– we have a national network of recovery and storage companies ready to look after your damaged vehicle. We have heard many stories of accident victims having their vehicles taken away by companies appointed by insurers and then never seeing their vehicles again. This does not happen with Acclaim….we only use trusted recovery and storage companies. If your vehicle was taken from the scene we will liaise with the recovery company for you and ensure your vehicle is safe.

Repairs – we have a network of approved repairers who use state of the art estimating and repair systems to ensure your vehicle is repaired to the highest standard. All our engineers are fully qualified and will provide a full report on the damage to your vehicle to put your mind at rest. Remember that any engineer we appoint to look at your vehicle is looking after you not an insurance company.

Replacement Vehicle/Credit Hire – your vehicle is an essential part of your life and has been taken off the road through the negligence of another. You do not need to suffer the loss of your vehicle and we will arrange for you to have a replacement vehicle on credit hire terms subject to our assessment of the case.

Financial Loss – any financial loss that you have suffered as a result of an accident will form part of your claim and we will leave no stone unturned in gathering the evidence to support your claim

Injury Compensation – we will arrange for you to undergo an assessment by a qualified doctor who will provide a report upon your injuries. When this is received we will research previously decided cases and use our legal expertise to accurately assess how much compensation you should receive.

Motorcycles, Scooters and Pedal Cycles – our two wheeled accident department is second to none with true enthusiasts ready to answer your bike related enquiries superbly. We can talk your language and we realise and recognise how traumatic a two wheeled accident can be. We have represented thousands of claims fighting cases all the way to trial to ensure our vulnerable clients are fully recompensed for their injuries. Two wheeled claims require specialist care and we are proud of our work in this area.

Criminal Injuries Compensation Claims

If you are the victim of a crime of violence including historic abuse we are ready to help you get back on track. We will assist you to make a claim for criminal injury compensation and can add real value to your claim. Achieving a successful award of compensation from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority is not straightforward and from our experience valid claims are often defeated and rejected purely due to the way they are presented. Make sure you talk to us before you make a claim so we can get it right, from the start.

Medical Negligence

Our people have been at the forefront of ground breaking litigation where defective medical devices have caused lifelong injuries to innocent patients. Medical negligence litigation is complicated and risky and we fully appreciate that our clients have placed their trust in medical professionals and have had this trust abused. We have teams in place to handle all types of medical problems including an all female team to deal with gender sensitive matters. We care for victims of medical accidents with passion and compassion.

Slips, trips and falls

When accidents happen in public places or on private property we have the knowledge to quickly identify the law that applies. From using the Occupiers Liability Act or the Highways Act we can advise you on the strengths of your case to ensure the correct tactical approach is adopted from the outset. We pride ourselves on our success rates for accidents in this area.

Defective Products

Our work in dealing with novel areas of law such as injuries caused by failed medical devices has lead to us being recognised as leaders in this new area of law. If you have been injured by any product whether it is a bike, a knife or any purchased item call our Product liability team and find out if we can help.